We know properly storing bolts is a difficult thing, but it is imperative to make installation as easy as possible.  Bolts left out in the weather will rust, even galvanized bolts rust.  This rust (red or white) will make it difficult, if not impossible, to tension and require bigger wrenches.

Keep your bolts out of the weather!  Keep them stored in the containers they came in, with the labels attached, in a warehouse.  If a warehouse is difficult to come by, Conex boxes are a popular solution.  Don’t let bolts out of the Conex without knowing who took them and that they were headed for the right connection.  This is really hard to enforce, but imperative to a smooth, running jobsite.

What the Specification says:

  • Store bolting hardware in temperature controlled warehouse
  • in original shipping containers
  • with lids on
  • with original shipping labels – this allows for traceability

At the end of the day bolts are a very insignificant cost to the jobsite but can lead to the most heartache and downtime.

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