In addition to complete pipe flange DTI kits, Applied Bolting also manufacturers 50ksi DTIs to be used for Single Stud Replacement (SSR), or hot/half bolting, in accordance with ASME code:

Hot bolting is sequential removal and replacement of bolts on flange joints while under reduced operating pressure.*

SSR DTIs are not dedicated to any specific flange diameter and class. They are to be used anywhere a specific diameter of bolt is to be tightened to 50ksi bolt stress. SSR DTIs are marked with bolt diameter, SSR designation, and 50ksi.

SSR DTIs can be used as “snugger DTIs” when combined with DuraSquirt Flange System Kits in lieu of calibrated tools and verified torque values. The SSR DTIs are placed in snugging locations, tightened until all SSR DTIs squirt, and then the flange kit DTIs can be installed and used to complete flange closure, replacing SSR DTIs, with flange kit
DTIs, as work progresses around the flange.

*ASME PCC-2, Article 3.11 pg. 126, Hot and Half Bolting Removal Procedures.

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