In 2017, Applied Bolting partnered with Bechtel, Carber, and the University of Houston’s College of Technology, for an independent evaluation of  Applied Bolting’s DuraSquirt® Single Pass Flange System.  The project scope also included a comparison to legacy, multi-pass, star pattern, tightening methodology.  In 2018, The UH  team released a brief summary of the year long study.  A summary, of the study, can be downloaded below:

The following conclusions can be drawn based on the computational and experimental results obtained:

  1. ABT-DTI system is significantly faster than the ASME PCC-1 Legacy method by 60 to 70 percent.
  2. ABT-DTI system reliably produces a leak free connection upon startup.
  3. ABT-DTI system requires 75% fewer movements by the bolting operators.
  4. ABT-DTI system does not require the use of precision torques as compared to ASME PCC-1 Legacy technique.
  5. ABT-DTI system reliably yield these results with operators who have received minimal training and have limited experience with BFJA’s [bolted flange joint assembly].

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