Tighten a Flange in a Single Pass…Most people in the flange bolting industry would say, Impossible! But it can be done and we didn’t think of it first. In the early 1990s, BP America and The Pressure Vessel Research Council (PVRC) sponsored the University of Akron Ohio, to develop a way to improve flange bolt-up procedures, using experimentally determined elastic interaction coefficients*. The study resulted in a way to fully torque a flange, in a single tightening pass, while achieving uniform bolt stresses around the flange. The groundbreaking procedure was made possible, by determining and compensating for elastic interaction between all bolts, within a flange.

Watch the below video on how it all works, if you have questions or want to see a live demo email us at flange@appliedbolting.com or give us a call, we can set up a live in office demonstration or from your preferred media platform.

*1 Bibel, G. D. and Ezell, R.M. “An Improved Flange Bolt-Up Procedure Using Experimentally Determined Elastic Interaction Coefficients,” Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology 114 (Nov. 1992): 439-443.2

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