DuraSquirt® Single Pass and Target Stress DTIs

You asked for it and now we have it, we make two flavors of DuraSquirt® DTIs specifically designed for flange bolting.

The first product is called DuraSquirt® Target Stress DTIs, used to verify that your applied torque pattern actually got you the correct stud stress along with visual confirmation of work done. DuraSquirt® Target Stress DTIs can be used on any flange and gasket combination to ensure torqueing went as planned, we offer parts that will fit 3/4″ – 1/-1/2″ studs, you can specify between 35-80 ksi stud stress when ordering.

The second product line we offer is the DuraSquirt® Single Pass Flange System, where one tightening pass closes the flange evenly. How did we accomplish this? Well in the early 1990s, BP America and The Pressure Vessel Research Council (PVRC) sponsored the University of Akron Ohio, to develop a way to improve flange bolt-up procedures, using experimentally determined elastic interaction coefficients. The study resulted in a way to fully torque a flange, in a single tightening pass, while achieving uniform bolt stresses around the flange. The groundbreaking procedure was made possible, by determining and compensating for elastic interaction between all bolts, within a flange. By expanding on this research, using our DuraSquirt® DTIs, we are able to initially supply solutions for 3″-20″ NPS #300 carbon steel flanges as well as 3″ – 16″ #600.

We will be talking more about these products as we develop this blog, but please feel free to contact us at 1-802-460-3100 or flange@appliedbolting.com to setup an online meeting, so that we can show you how the system works and the benefits it provides.

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